What is falconry?

Falconry is the pursuit and capture of wild quarry, in its natural state and habitat, utilizing a trained raptor.  Read more about the art of falconry on our Resources page including the North American Falconers Association's Do you really want to become a falconer?

What is the MF&RC?

The Maine Falconry and Raptor Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the art and practice of falconry, as well as educating the public on the conservation, management, and ecology of raptors and the quarry we pursue.

Other goals of the Maine Falconry and Raptor Conservancy:

  • Disseminate information to interested members.
  • Promote the public image of falconry by encouraging programs of public education, scientific study, and habitat conservation, which advance the welfare of falconry and birds of prey.
  • Represent the interests of its members with state and federal wildlife agencies regarding regulations affecting the art and practice of falconry.
  • Improve the qualifications and abilities of falconers through high standards of practice, experience, ethics, conduct, and achievement.
  • Promote the North American Falconers Association (NAFA) as an organization by making its membership mandatory for all members of the Maine Falconry and Raptor Conservancy.

Background of Maine Falconry and Raptor Conservancy (MF&RC)

The MF&RC was established in the early 1980’s by Maine falconers and since then has enjoyed the membership and support of most licensed Maine falconers.

The MF&RC strongly supports and is an Affiliate Member of the North American Falconers Association.

In recent years, the MF&RC has assisted the Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife to update the Maine falconry regulations and bring them into compliance with the new Federal standards.

The MF&RC and its members support a number of raptor conservation programs through financial contributions and activities. For example, members worked at hack sites during the reintroduction of the peregrine falcon. They have shared knowledge and techniques with raptor rehabilitation groups and have assisted in rehabilitating and releasing injured raptors. Members recently assisted two Maine conservation trusts to establish the Wallamatogus Mountain Raptor Preserve. Some members have also worked for the Peregrine Fund to breed endangered Aplomado falcons, and have assisted in raptor conservation projects in far-away places like Kyrgystan, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Regular membership in the MF&RC is open to all licensed Maine Falconers who are members of the North American Falconers Association.